Halloween Favorites

Here are some of our favorite and most read Halloween posts.



7 Halloween Colors and Their Meaning

7 Halloween Colors And What They Represent

Part of what makes Halloween so memorable is seeing all the vibrant colors. While my childhood memories are saturated with ...
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Halloween Superstitions Infographic

Common Halloween Superstitions

What is Superstition?  Superstition is a belief in the supernatural and extraordinary. It can mean believing that events are connected ...
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25 Halloween Traditions

25 Halloween Traditions

Halloween traditions have been around for over 2000 years, with modern customs drawing from Christian and Celtic roots. Keep reading ...
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15 Halloween Symbols

Halloween Symbols Explained

With Halloween coming, store shelves will soon be covered in festive and colorful holiday decorations. Year after year we are ...
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Halloween Trivia Infographic

Halloween Trivia

Halloween is a great time for tricks, treats and trivia! Whether you just want to brush up on fun facts ...
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Halloween Fun Facts Infographic

Halloween Fun Facts

Halloween is a time for scares, excitement and fun. Checkout these Halloween fun facts for creepy information on Halloween related ...
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Halloween Safety Tips Infographic

Halloween Safety Tips

Why do we need to be aware of safety more on Halloween? Is it because of the ghosts, monsters and ...
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History of Halloween Orange background Black silhouettes

History of Halloween

Tricks, treats, masks and costumes… what’s it all about? Why do we hide our identity and go from door to ...
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