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Souvenirs from Midsummer Scream

The Midsummer Scream Halloween and Horror Convention was this weekend and we had a great time. For details and to see photos of the event, check out our 2018 Midsummer Scream Fun post. There were about 250 vendors at the Halloween event with tons of amazing Halloween stuff. I bought Halloween souvenirs and so did the staff of King Halloween.

This post will feature many of the fun items we bought at the Halloween and horror convention. I will also provide the names of their stores and links when possible so readers can check out the unique artists and the shops for themselves.

We did not receive any deals, free items, etc. as payment or trade to mention the products on this page. We purchased everything ourselves and are linking to this Halloween stuff to spread the spirit and passion of the holiday. Also, the links on this page are not affiliate links.

Halloween Stuff From Midsummer Convention 


Here is a photo of all the Halloween stuff we bought. Scroll down to see close ups of some of my favorite items.

Midsummer Scream Souvenir Photo


More souvenirs from Midsummer convention

Close up of same souvenirs


Ready To Purge


Purge movie Halloween stuff we bought


Can you guess what I’m dressing up as for Halloween? This is a quick and easy costume with these masks that remind me of The Purge and some realistic but lightweight weaponry. I really love the stickers too, but they are from a different vendor mentioned below.


Purge Halloween stuff company info


The photo above has the company business cards pictured for both the masks and realistic weapons. The lightweight realistic weapons have blood all over them and were made by New Rule Fx. They had a lot of weapons, props and even Game of Thrones gear on display at the Midsummer Scream Convention. Check out their website if you want high quality, realistic looking props and special effects items. Their rubber glass shards were really cool looking at the convention.


Halloween Light up Mask


The two masks pictured are from Light up Masks and they have LED lighting which makes them look pretty great at night. There are other styles of masks available which you can kind of see in the photo below. I love this style of mask and am really happy with my purchase. Definitely, no regrets here. In fact, another member of King Halloween and I can frequently be spotted wearing our masks day and night. 


Light up Masks Hanging board

Light Up Masks at Midsummer Scream in Long Beach

Halloween Records!

The next items pictured I bought for myself and as a gift for my brother. I hope he doesn’t read this before I see him! These painted Halloween records are simple Halloween decorations, but they are also one of my favorites.


Four Halloween Records

Record paintings by Crude Inc.


These are the four records I bought, but Crude Inc. has a lot of great paintings to choose from. There was also a great Jason Voorhees record I really wanted so I had a hard time choosing just these four.


Myers and Captain Halloween Records


My brother enjoys the Rob Zombie movies and we always hit Zombie’s mazes when we go to Halloween Horror Nights together at Universal Studios. He is also a pretty big fan of horror and Halloween so I’m hoping he will like this Captain Spaulding painting. The record is an added bonus because my brother spent years as a D.J. when he was younger.  


Halloween stuff Hannibal and pinhead records


One reason I love these records as Halloween decorations is because they don’t take up any countertop space and they are easy to hang. I’d enjoy keeping them out all year long, but most of my family doesn’t appreciate spooky stuff. When it is time to bring out all the Halloween stuff each year, counter space becomes an issue so finding a unique decoration that won’t clutter up the room is a bonus.


Crudeinc four records Halloween 2


Crude Inc Art is currently being sold through their Etsy store, but they mentioned a move to Shopify in the future. For that reason, I linked their Facebook page above instead of their shop. They have links from Facebook for shopping so you will be able to find their awesome products by going there.

Halloween Stuff – Fun Mugs


These fun Halloween coffee mugs are dishwasher safe and taller than your average coffee cup. I love the unique imagery on these cups and had a hard time choosing just two while at the convention. 


Ghost and Skeleton Halloween Mugs


The ghost mug is a gift for my mom because it’s not too scary and has a great Halloween color palette. I love the deep purples on the skeleton mug which is staying in my home.


Chicken Lips two mugs


These two mugs were created by David H. Everett at Chicken Lips, but mugs are only a small part of what David Everett does. Chicken Lips has unique and festive hand-sculpted creations that you can’t find anywhere else. In fact, the figures you see on both mugs were actually sculpted by Mr. Everett. We were able to see quite a few of his Halloween creations at the Midsummer convention and they are impressive.  


Chicken Lips Apples for Sale


Here are a couple photos of Halloween creations made by Chicken Lips.


Halloween creation chicken lips 2

Chicken Lips creation at the Midsummer Scream convention


These two coffee mugs were made at the convention for us by Scream For Me Inc. We chose our design out of a folder and they created the mugs while we toured the Halloween convention. 


Two Halloween Movie Mugs


Scream For Me Inc. had a good selection of wallets, coasters, mugs, patches and even light switch covers with Halloween and horror designs available. Our mugs turned out great and are also dishwasher safe. Check out their website for items like full back patches and other gear with horror movie imagery.


Scream for Me two Halloween mugs


Creepy Halloween Figures

I’m a huge fan of scary movies and really love these unique, mostly hand-sculpted figures. They look great in person and these characters are fan favorites that aren’t easy to find. 


Halloween stuff six handmade figures

The Jason Voorhees mask pictured above is a magnet

There was a good selection of art, characters and other items that Halloween and horror fans will appreciate at the Blood and Teeth booth. 


Blood and Teeth Horror Figures


The lighting isn’t great in my photos, but Blood and Teeth have fantastic pictures of many unique items on their Instagram page. Blood and Teeth also make other kinds of artwork so be sure to check out their website if you like their style.


Sam and Frank Halloween Stuff


Here is a close up of the Frank and Sam figures. They both look great in real life.


Pennywise and Purge figures

Close up of Pennywise and Purge figures


Southern California locals can usually find the latest Blood and Teeth creations on display every Wednesday and Saturday at the Frank and Son collectible show.


Halloween Stuff: Killer Shirts

Finding scary movie paraphernalia and Halloween stuff is always exciting, but I especially enjoy coming across fun T-shirts. They don’t take up any space in the house and are a purchase I can usually justify. After all, I will eventually need to buy new clothes, so why not make it a scary shirt.


Two Shirts and Tee No Evil Bag


Tee No Evil had a great selection of T-shirts, pins and posters at the convention and they gave out the free bag in the bottom of the photo above. There were at least five Tee No Evil shirts I really wanted, so the hardest part was deciding which shirts to buy. 


Tee No Evil - Two Shirts


The shirts at Tee No Evil have unique designs that you won’t find elsewhere. They are comfortable, made of 100% cotton and my only regret is that I didn’t buy the Skater Michael Myers shirt too.


These next three shirts have a very different look than most horror themed shirts. They are super soft shirts and I love the bright colors and fun designs. 


Three Monster Tease Shirts and Stickers


Unlike most Halloween stuff, these items are full of fluorescent colors in stark contrast to the imagery. I was excited that stickers were available with the same designs and bright colors that each shirt had. My favorites are the Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers shirts pictured below.


Jason and Michael fun tshirts


To get these shirts for yourself and check out the other awesome shirts available, connect with Monster Tease on their Facebook. You can connect to their store from there. They have a unique look but still know how to celebrate monsters!


Creature Halloween stuff shirt


Another reason I enjoy the Monster Tease shirts is because I can wear them anywhere and don’t have to worry about scaring anyone. The bright colors are a bit distracting from the scary monster and a nice change from the usual bloody highlights on many of my scary shirts.

Random Fun Halloween Stuff


Since space is an issue with Halloween decorating, I’m always looking for cool scary Halloween stuff that won’t take up a lot of room. These hand-made resin magnets are durable with strong magnets and awesome designs.


Magnets- Pinhead Ghostface Slimer and Thanos


It was too hard to pass up a chance at getting a Slimer from Ghostbusters. Little Corpse Magnets had a big selection of horror and Halloween magnets to choose from. You can’t really tell from the photo but many of these are larger than you’d expect.


Four Magnets by Little Corpse


You can find more magnets at the Little Corpse Magnets Etsy Store. They are active and responsive sellers with a big selection of unique handmade magnets. Last I checked there were about 170 items for sale at the store.


There were a lot of festive Halloween and horror related pins, stickers and patches at the convention and I bought my share. I won’t be going through each one, but there is one store that had great items at great prices.



Halloween Stuff and evidence bag


I don’t usually buy pins, but there were so many great pins at the convention so I did get a few. Two of them came from The Horror Corner who had the best Hellraiser Pin I saw over the weekend. Along with great prices the Horror Corner has unique You’re Next movie items and fun Trick R’ Treat movie stickers. The Horror Corner also gave us our merchandise in the fun Evidence Bag pictured above, which was a great touch.


Horror Corner Halloween Stuff


I love the Horror Corner’s version of I Purged stickers and even went back on Sunday to buy more of them! Check out their Facebook link above to see other great items they have available.

One Last Mask


I want to end on a scary note, so the last item is a creepy Halloween mask. This is a creepy face mask made by Prolifx that is lightweight, easy to wear and comfortable. Prolifx masks are handmade, unique and selling on Etsy.


Prolifx Halloween Mask


Prolifx was very friendly and helpful at the convention. One of our staff wanted a mask that could easily support a pair of glasses and this one is perfect.


Halloween Mask at Midsummer Scream

Great mask to wear with glasses


We found tons of great Halloween stuff at the Midsummer Scream convention this year. I hope you enjoyed checking out some of our favorite items and vendors. To learn more about the artists, follow the links to their shops or social media pages and help support these talented artists.