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Top 50 Horror Villains and Scary Characters

There are so many great horror villains and scary characters in movie, television and popular culture. Tomorrow is Halloween and I’m making a list with my 50 favorite horror villains. It also includes some plain old scary characters that haven’t made it to villain status… yet. Actually I left #50 blank as a readers choice so […]


Top 10 Evil Clown List

It seems like there is no shortage of killer clown movies, which makes this Top 10 Evil Clown List a pretty obvious addition to our Scary Stuff section. Each terrifying clown is listed in no particular order because with all the demon clowns out there, it’s hard to decide which one is the most evil. […]

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Scary Movies On Hulu Halloween

A great way to get in the mood for Halloween is by watching scary movies on Hulu during the month of October. Hulu Halloween has a lot to offer in 2018, no matter what your holiday tastes are. Huluween Film Fest Hulu also has the Huluween Film Fest which includes eight horror shorts from up-and-coming […]


Halloween Horror Nights Survival Guide

My friends and I go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood every year and for 2018 I’m going to rank the best mazes. Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood is sure to please fans in 2018. There are eight exciting mazes, five scare zones, the Terror Tram experience, the Jabbawockeez show, and three Universal Studios rides […]


Join the Teal Pumpkin Project This Halloween

Add a little fun to trick-or-treating this Halloween with Teal Pumpkin Project participation. Joining is simple, fun and it supports a great cause… making Halloween happy and safe for all kids.   Teal Pumpkin Meaning You may have noticed some strange blue pumpkins popping up in neighbor’s yards over the last few years. They all […]


Pumpkin Facts

Pumpkins have become very popular in the United States over the last twenty years. Recently, there has been an increase in pumpkin flavored foods like cheerios, ice cream, breads, cookies and even dog foods. Pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin flavored treats are a great way to get in the Halloween spirit while enjoying the delicious […]


Jack-O-Lantern Ideas

A fun Halloween tradition in my family has always been making our jack-o-lanterns. I’m no expert, but I love choosing and carving a pumpkin each year to get in the Halloween spirit. This post has jack-o-lantern ideas and Halloween pumpkin ideas with pictures to help you choose cool pumpkin designs this year. Pumpkin Face Ideas […]


Souvenirs from Midsummer Scream

The Midsummer Scream Halloween and Horror Convention was this weekend and we had a great time. For details and to see photos of the event, check out our 2018 Midsummer Scream Fun post. There were about 250 vendors at the Halloween event with tons of amazing Halloween stuff. I bought Halloween souvenirs and so did […]


2018 Midsummer Scream Fun

Midsummer Scream took place this weekend and it was awesome. The 2018 Halloween and Horror Convention was held at the Long Beach Convention Center both Saturday and Sunday July, 28 and 29. I went both days, along with other King Halloween staff and we had tons of fun. This post will feature photos from the […]


17 Underrated Horror Movies To Watch Tonight

There are tons of scary movies out there, but unlike other genres you really can’t trust what critics and ratings say about horror films. Underrated horror movies often start out with terrible ratings and then gain status over a couple years. These movies are often rated low, not because they are a bad movie but because a […]


Halloween 2018 Trailer Reveals Big Changes

The official Halloween 2018 trailer is out and it doesn’t disappoint! Before getting started, check out the official 2018 Halloween trailer below: Official Halloween 2018 Trailer Here’s what you need to know. The 2018 Halloween film will take place as a sequel to the first movie. That’s right, a direct sequel to the original 1978 Halloween film. […]

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DIY Fake Blood For Halloween Fun

Bloody effects can really liven up Halloween events and it’s useful to know how to make your own DIY fake blood for Halloween. Having a quick and easy fake blood recipe can come in handy to give costumes, parties and even pranks a realistic effect. Below you will find four DIY fake blood recipe options […]


Halloween Pizza

Making a Halloween pizza is faster and easier than you think. With only a few ingredients anyone can quickly serve up a hot slice of spookiness this Halloween season. Halloween pizza can be whipped up using a ready baked crust, pre-made pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese sticks and a few large olives using our recipe. However, […]

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How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

In our family roasting pumpkin seeds is a Halloween tradition. Every time we carved pumpkins, my mom would set the seeds aside to dry and the next day she would make delicious seasoned pumpkin seeds. The first Halloween after moving out, I remember calling my mom to ask her how to roast pumpkin seeds correctly. […]

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Caramel Apple Recipe

Halloween traditions are always a hit to get into the holiday spirit. Caramel apples are a mouth-watering tradition. Here is a simple and quick caramel apple recipe to help you celebrate Halloween in 2018. Of course you can always get creative and add additional toppings to really show your spooky spirit.  To make things fun […]

easy halloween treats
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