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What King Halloween Is All About was created in 2018 with the goal of meeting all your Halloween needs.

• King Halloween has current, relevant and informative posts on holiday topics.

• We celebrate Halloween all year long.

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 How Can King Halloween Help You?

We try to give you the latest information about the most popular Halloween topics and other holiday stuff going on. Along with all these awesome ideas, information and products; we give you links to other useful sites whenever possible. Basically, if we can’t give you the answer, we try to show you where the answer is. Here are a few of the ways King Halloween can help you:

Favorites like Fun facts, Halloween Trivia and lots of Halloween jokes.

Great Halloween topics like traditions, superstitions and symbolism explained.

Detailed posts on Halloween parties, recipes and movie watching.

Much more! Including Halloween costumes, decorations, and Events.

Meet King Halloween:


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We Are:

→ People who are passionate about Halloween and spreading holiday fear.

→ Hard workers trying to bring something new and fresh to your Halloween.

→ A community of Halloween lovers.

→ Along with this website you can also find us through InstagramPinterest and Facebook.


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My Story

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Even as a child, I preferred going trick-or-treating for free candy to opening presents on Christmas. Halloween decorations were always much more attractive than Christmas decorations too. I also enjoyed the community involvement that happens with Halloween. The entire neighborhood would fill with parents and kids walking around the streets. It was so fun.

The truth is, things didn’t change much as an adult. I still love Halloween. So much so, that my friends and I now have annual traditions around the holiday. Even the friends who don’t like getting scared have found themselves participating year after year. 

As an adult, I’ve always enjoyed keeping a few decorations out all year long. Not a ton, but enough that friends and relationships  often pointed out that it was abnormal. In fact, roommates or relationships usually ask me to put away the scary Halloween stuff.

So I put away my scary decorations in real life and went online. What I found online was a lot of outdated articles and frequent search results that were five to ten years old. I got sick of looking up Halloween events and getting eight year old news so I decided to make a site with the latest up-to-date information. I figured, why not create a website where it’s Halloween all year long too.

When you love the holiday as much as I do, it’s inevitable to pick up friends along the way who are also huge fans. There are a lot of us out there! Together we will try to meet your needs this Halloween season and all year long.

Enjoy the spirit of Halloween and take a look around!