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10 Best Halloween Decorations in 2019

Looking for great Halloween decorations for 2019? Here are our Top 10 picks for Best Halloween Decorations this year. Evils clowns are still huge this year so don’t be afraid to terrify your neighbors with creepy clown decorations.

Animatronics have become so light weight and easy to assemble that anyone can use them. They are also getting bigger and bigger with more special effects. Our list includes Halloween animatronics, indoor decorations, outdoor decorations,  yard decor and more.

1. Sweet Dreams Clown Animatronic 7 Feet Tall

This 7 foot tall Sweet Dreams Clown Animatronic has eyes that glow bright green while he swings the crying kid about.


This Halloween animatronic has volume control along with a setting for always on or infra-red sensor settings. Learn more, including all his sayings, by clicking the image to the left and reading the Seasonal Visions description on Amazon. 


Due to the awesome height of this creepy towering clown I recommend stabilizing it in windy conditions.


Overall, this is one of the best evil clown animatronics out there this season.

The swaying screaming child is an added feature that will really impress in 2019.


Halloween Animatronic Clown

Sweet Dreams Clown pics from Midsummer Scream Convention 2019.


He can move, play music, laugh and talk. I’ve seen him working in person and he is terrifying. The way the child sways back and forth makes it extra scary too!


2. Animatronic Clown Go-Round Prop

Looking for a unique Halloween animatronic to spice up your spooky scene this holiday season? The Clown Go-Round is a spooky animated merry-go-round forever haunted by three creepy clown dolls. 

This Halloween animatronic clown go round is great for any Halloween scene!


You can use it in an evil clown scene, a creepy carnival, along with disturbing dolls and more. 


This spooky Halloween decoration features carnival music with volume control along with slowly rotating seats. It also has an always on setting or infra-red sensors for motion detection. 


These rotating creepy clown dolls are sure to impress everyone this Halloween season. Check out the close ups below of all three clowns riding this creepy carnival ride. 


Clown Animatronic Go Round


This Halloween decoration is pretty big measuring in at about 72″H x 36″W x 36″D. I don’t recommend it in heavy winds because the circus umbrella can get caught up.

Overall, it’s a very impressive and smooth Halloween animatronic for 2019!




3. Peeping Tom Window Decoration

The Scary Peeper Halloween decoration is a unique prop that is placed outdoors, but it decorates the inside of your home.

The life-sized head attaches to windows via suction cup and peers inside the house.


You can also attach him inside your windows looking out, or even inside your car window.


The Scary Peeper comes in many versions, including the original and even a tapping Scary Peeper. Hanging up one of these is a great way to surprise friends, family and guests this holiday season. 

My favorite Scary Peeper to use at Halloween is the clown decoration.

These Halloween props are great to use if you are throwing a Halloween party too.You can hang one in a bathroom or bedroom window and surprise guests when they separate from the crowd. 




4. Outdoor Groundbreaker Zombie

Want to make a fun graveyard scene this Halloween? This Groundbreaker Zombie outdoor Halloween decoration is a perfect centerpiece!

Decorate this year by displaying a green-skinned zombie rising from the grave.


This life-sized head and hands are connected with sleeves and can be set up in a variety of spooky ways.

This affordable outdoor Halloween decoration is great for home use, a Halloween party, zombie scenes and graveyard decor. It’s easy to set up and is made with weather resistant materials for outdoor use.


5. SAW Billy The Puppet Prop

Fans of the SAW franchise will love this amazing Billy the Puppet decoration by Trick or Treat Studios. The SAW puppet is about 47 inches from head to toe and is fully posable.

This creepy SAW Billy prop looks amazing and shows off all the important details like Billy’s suit, gloves, shoes and facial features.


Decorate your home this Halloween by strategically placing Billy to scare all your guests. At 47 inches tall, Billy looks like he just stepped out of a SAW movie.



I recently was able to check out this amazing Halloween prop while at the Midsummer Scream 2019 Halloween and Horror Convention. I spent some time at the Trick or Treat Studios booth and Billy the Puppet was just one of the scary Halloween decorations haunting it.


Billy the Puppet Saw


It’s an impressive, high quality SAW puppet doll that will make a great Halloween decoration or a fantastic gift for any horror fan.


6. Halloween Flamingos


Looking for fun Halloween yard decorations in 2019? These Skeleton Yard Flamingos are the perfect combination of whimsical and spooky. 

Impress your friends and neighbors with these skeleton yard flamingo Halloween decorations.


The links above are for a set of two different flamingos, but you can also get a value pack of 12 skeleton flamingos from the same company.


They look great decorating any outdoor area and make a spooky addition to many Halloween scenes.



7. Horrornaments!


Move over Krampus, Horrornaments have arrived. These are sculpted spooky Halloween themed tree ornaments that make great indoor Halloween decorations.

I like to put my horror ornament decorations out for both Halloween and Christmas.

These are great Halloween decorations for inside the home. They are small and can be placed on objects or hung.

They are great for decorating tables, windowsills, plants and other places with a little Halloween spirit.

The hardest thing about Horrornaments is deciding which ones to buy. I started with the Killer Elf, The Jack-O-Lantern and The Nut and Bone Cracker. (Pictured Below).


Horror Ornaments Halloween Decorations


Next on my list to buy are the Killer Snowman and the Creepy Teddy Bear. 


8. Halloween Tree Face

Add some whimsical spookiness to your yard with The Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture.

The outdoor Halloween decoration can attach to any tree to add some holiday spirit in 2019. It’s hand-cast and pliable so the tree face molds around trees or other objects in your home or garden.

You can easily mount this Halloween tree face decoration using the four precut mounting holes.

It can be used as an outdoor Halloween decoration on large beams, fences, walls and trees.

Use as a creepy Halloween decoration during the holiday season and then move it to your garden for the rest of the year.


9. Glowing Witch Hats


The 2019 version of these Lit Witch Hat outdoor Halloween decorations are even better than the originals.

The brightness of LED lights has increased by 50%, there are 8 witch hats instead of 6 and now there are 8 different lighting modes.

Decorate this Halloween with a 36 foot string of lights and 8 glowing hanging witch hats.

The hats are the size of normal witch hats and come separate from the string of lights. This gives you the freedom to string the hats together however you want them, which is great.

The lights are battery operated and waterproof so you can keep the battery pack out near sprinklers and in wet weather conditions.

The light string also has 8 settings giving the glowing witch hats a lot of Halloween personality.

Light settings include:

  • Flashing
  • Twinkling
  • Waves
  • Sequential
  • Slow-glow
  • Chasing
  • Slow fade
  • Always on

These are a fun indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration to make any space festive.


10. Halloween H20 Michael Myers Animatronic


Fans of the Halloween franchise will love this 6 foot tall killing machine. The Michael Myers animatronic is officially licensed and plays the official Halloween theme song.

Neighbors will be terrified as The Shape moves his body from side to side while making stabbing motions with his knife. The movements of this Halloween animatronic are a little stiff, but hey Michael Myers is pretty slow moving and stiff too.

I’m a huge fan of the Halloween franchise and especially love Halloween H20 because of the reappearance of Jamie Lee Curtis, so I think this Halloween decoration is impressive.

I’d love to have it in the house all year round!


These are my picks for the top ten Halloween decorations in 2019. They include both indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations, animatronics and items for horror movie fans.

As you can see clowns are big again this year, but don’t limit yourself to Pennywise IT decorations. There are a lot of great clown decorations out there.


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