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Top 10 Quality Cheap Halloween Decorations

Looking for inexpensive good quality Halloween decorations in 2019? Check out these great picks. Cheap Halloween decorations can mean they fall apart on delivery which is why we’ve done the extra research to find durable, quality Halloween props. 


1. Halloween Garden Flag

Greet guests this Halloween with a beautiful decorative garden flag

The weather resistant flag is 100% polyester and measures 12 by 18 inches.

It’s vibrant colors are built for outdoor weather conditions and won’t fade or fray. This Halloween yard decoration is 3D embroidered and the design is double-sided.

They also make a more traditional orange Halloween flag along with a couple fun Christmas garden flags, so be sure to check out all of the LAYOER designs.

Also, fyi the flag stand pole is sold separately if you don’t have one.


2. Skeleton Bathroom Door Cover

Looking for a fun Halloween door decoration? The Beistle Skeleton Door Hanging is a great way to add some Halloween spirit to your home. It’s

Hang this smiling skeleton on your bathroom door to let party guests know where the bathroom is or just to cheer up family. Either way it’s low cost and makes a great Halloween decoration.


3. LED Flame Light Bulb

Add an awesome flame effect this Halloween with these warm and bright LED Flame Light Bulbs

Don’t buy brands that look like digital tiles instead of natural fire. This brand looks like real flames and they make great Halloween decorations for indoor and outdoor lamps.

After clicking the link to Amazon, check out the reviews to see a bunch of videos showing how great the flame bulbs work.

These bulbs not only look great but they have four different modes including flame emulation, breathing, light and gravity modes.

You change modes by turning the light on and off quickly.

Gravity mode means the bulb changes the flames when turned upside down (See pic).


4. Skeleton Groundbreaker

Liven up your yard this year with a Skeleton Groundbreaker Halloween yard decoration.


The realistic looking skeleton is easy to install indoors or outdoors in dirt, grass, soil or any other medium to soft surface.

The set comes with a skull and two skeleton arms with five inch plastic stakes.

Creep out your friends and neighbors this Halloween when the dead try to claw their way out of the ground.

Add a tombstone Halloween decoration to bring your graveyard scene to life!


5. Hanging Skull Cocoon Corpse with LED Eyes

Terrify your friends with this impressive 72 inch, light-weight Skull Cocoon Corpse that has features like red LED eyes, sounds and spiders.

You won’t be disappointed with this creepy Halloween decoration!

It has 3 layers of cloth for added durability, sound induction, red LED eyes, spiders and it’s foldable for easy storage when Halloween is over.

The corpse is also covered in spiders and bloodstains for an even scarier effect.

The cocoon corpse is light-weight for easy hanging, but you can also lay on the ground or on a piece of furniture as a Halloween prop.

This hanging corpse can sense when sound is nearby and it screams out in despair while the eyes flash red. Check out the video at the link above to see it in action.


6. Trick or Treat Banners

This black and white Trick or Treat Halloween Banner makes a great decoration this season.

The trick or treat banner looks good as an outdoor Halloween decoration on your front door, gate, fence or even in walkways, but it can also be used inside the home too.

They are made of high quality tear resistant fabric, similar to what lawn flags are made from, so it’s light-weight, easy to hang and can handle rainstorms.

However, if you have very windy weather you might want to bring them inside so they don’t blow around all night.

Overall, this is high quality affordable Halloween decor you will be proud to put on display! 


7. Haunted Halloween Backdrops

Looking for easy to use Halloween decorations? These Haunted Halloween Backdrops are plastic sheeting with a variety of spooky designs.

These Halloween wall decorations come in a variety of designs and sizes including full wall covers and top of wall borders.

My favorite border is the one that makes the wall look like it’s bleeding.


The ghostly wall decoration pictured here has a clear background so it looks great in windows with a light on in the room. (I don’t recommend using it on a white wall.)


You can even cut it half and put the boy in one window and the woman in another. They look great in upstairs windows peering down on trick or treaters.

These haunted Halloween decorations can be used inside or outside and work well with double sided tape. They are plastic so they can tolerate wet weather conditions too.

If you need a low cost way to cover large areas with decorations check them out because they offer designs in 20 foot and 100 foot variations too.


8. Crazy Bonez Skeleton Raven

The Crazy Bonez Skeleton Raven makes a spooky addition to any Halloween decor.

The life-size 8 inch tall skeleton raven has a moveable beak, head and wings.

It’s creepy look is what Halloween is all about.

I love the entire line of Crazy Bonez skeletal animals! There are birds, bats, cats, dogs, rats, reptiles and much more.

They are perfect Halloween decorations and can go anywhere you want.

They look creepy inside or outside the home.

I even have 3 bats that I hang upside down from my doorjambs every year.


Skeletal bat Halloween decoration


The last few years I have seen a few of the Crazy Bonez animals at Target stores, but they tend to sell out of most of them.


9. Hanging Halloween Ghost

This Hanging Ghost Halloween decoration takes simple items and puts them together to make an impressive indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration.

The ghoul measures in at almost 14 feet tall from tip to toes, is super light-weight and comes pre-assembled. (Other sellers expect you to put it together so watch where you buy it from.)

The black cape mesh material that is transparent so you will be able to see through it as it blows in the wind.

It makes a great Halloween ghost no matter where you hang it, but it looks spooky between two trees outside or hanging from an inside bannister. 


10. Halloween Witches Wall Decals

Looking for a great indoor Halloween decoration? The Witches Wall Decals is a fun addition to any home. 

Wall decals are a fun and tasteful way to spread the Halloween spirit in your home.

I like to put mine up on the open wall space above and behind my T.V.

Along with the large items, this Halloween decoration also comes with 38 bats, 4 spiders, 2 mice and a crow.

You can put them all on one wall or spread them throughout your house to create a Silhouette Halloween theme.

These work better on walls than windows because the heat from windows can cause the adhesive to become sticky.


No matter where you hang the witches wall decals, they will look amazing!


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