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Halloween Pasta Recipes

There are so many great Halloween pasta recipes out there for kids and adults. Monster pasta, eyeball spaghetti and black swampy noodles are great option to make seasonal spooky meals for kids or adults.

Here’s a recipe with substitution options that will give you a lot of freedom when making Halloween pasta dishes.

Use it for Halloween spaghetti ideas that are simple and kid friendly or elevate your spooky spaghetti recipe by using black squid ink noodles and green olives for eyes! 

Spaghetti Monster


Spaghetti Monster Ingredients List


Halloween Spaghetti Monster Recipe

Simple spaghetti with sauce and toppings to create a spooky spaghetti monster dish for kids or adults.
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Italian
Servings: 6 Servings


  • 1 Package (12 Oz) Barilla Spaghetti Noodles Angel Hair ok too. (Can use any brand of pasta.)
  • 1 Jar (24 Oz) Classico Traditional Sauce Can use your preferred brand and flavor of sauce.
  • 1 8 Ounce Galbani Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Any brand is good.
  • 1 Can Black Olives, Pitted
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper Optional


  • Begin preparing spaghetti pasta by following directions on the package.
  • Begin preparing sauce by following directions on jar.

Spaghetti Monster Eyes

  • While pasta and sauce are cooking open Mozzarella and begin eyeballs.
  • Slice two circles of Mozzarella cheese to use as eyes and place on plate or wax paper.
  • Cut the tips off one olive and slice two rings from it. This with be the pupils of each eye.
  • You can use a red bell pepper or spaghetti sauce to make the eyes look bloodshot. Kids will likely prefer sauce.

If Using Bell Peppers for Eyes

  • Slice top off bell pepper and cut out two nickel sized circles. Discard top.
  • Place each pepper circle on the middle of the Mozzarella cheese circles you sliced.
  • Place a sliced olive ring in the middle of each pepper circle. Next, put an olive tip on top of each olive ring. (see pic)
  • Now, clean, cut and seed the pepper. (Cut in half lengthwise, remove seeds and ribs.)
  • Slice 10-15 very thin short strips of peppers for the eyes.
  • Place the thin pepper strips on the cheese around each eye to look like bloodshot eyes.

Prepare Spaghetti Monster

  • Drain the cooked spaghetti and plate plain spagheti on serving platter.
    Plain Spaghetti monster noodles
  • Add cooked spaghetti sauce to the pasta starting at the middle of the platter.
  • If using bell peppers: Using a spatula, carefully place the cheese eyeballs on the platter of spaghetti.

If Using Sauce for Eyes

  • Slice two circles of Mozzarella cheese to use as eyes.
  • Place the Mozzarella slices on the platter as eyes. Dab a nickel sized circle of sauce in the middle of each cheese slice.
  • Cut the tips off one olive and slice two rings from it. This with be the pupils of each eye. Place one ring one the cheese, in the middle of the sauce. Next, put the olive tip on top of the olive ring.
  • Use a toothpick to dip in the spaghetti sauce and then create thin lines around the "whites" of the eyes to make them look bloodshot.

Eyesbrow, Fangs and Spider

  • To make the spider: Cut an olive in half and place it cut side down on your spaghetti monster. Cut up the rest of the olive by slicing it vertically into the legs.
    Cut another olive and mak vertical slices until you have eight spider legs. Place them around the spider body on your pasta platter.
  • Cut an olive in half and then cut two thin slices and place them near the eyes as the eyebrows.
  • Cut two more slices of olive and place them below the eyes side-by-side for the mouth or "mustache."
  • Cut a slice of Mozzarella cheese and cut out two triangles to use as teeth and then cut two larger, "sharper" triangles to use as fangs. (See pic) Place the bigger fangs under the mouth and then place the shorter teeth inside the fangs. VvvV
  • Serve and enjoy!

Eyeball Pasta


Spinach Pasta Ingredients


Another popular Halloween pasta recipe is eyeball spaghetti. It features green noodles, sauce and spooky eyes that watch you while you eat.  

Eyeball Pasta Recipe

You can customize this eyeball pasta recipe by using any type of spinach pasta noodles you want. The eyeballs can also be varied in size and number for kids or adults.
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time20 minutes
Total Time35 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Italian
Servings: 6 People


  • 1 Package (12 Oz) Green Spinach Pasta - Can be linguine, spaghetti or any pasta you enjoy. Barilla Veggie Rotini's are green and easy to find in many stores.
  • 1 Jar (24 Oz) Classico Tomato and Basil Sauce You can use any sauce you enjoy.
  • 1 8 Oz Galbani Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
  • 1 Can Black Olives, Pitted
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper Optional


Making Eyeball Pasta

  • Prepare the pasta and sauce according to the directions on the package and jar.
  • While cooking pasta and sauce, begin making the eyeballs.

Making Eyes

  • Slice the Mozzarella cheese and cut into circles for the whites of eyes. You can make them all the same size or use different sized circles for some of the eyes.
    Eyeball Spaghetti Plate
  • Cut two tips off each black olive. One tip will be used for each eyeball at the center of the cheese circle.
  • Optional: Slice red circles out of the bell pepper and put them on top of each piece of cheese. Then place an olive tip centered on top of the pepper for effect. (See pic)

Preparing Eyeball Pasta

  • Drain cooked pasta and place on serving platter. Add the sauce starting at the center of the platter.
    Spinach Pasta Cooked
  • Place a circle of cheese on the pasta wherever you want the eyeballs to be positioned.
  • Next, place an olive tip centered on top of each piece of cheese.
  • Serve and enjoy!

Halloween Pasta Tips

I hope the ideas above can get you started on making great Halloween pasta recipes this season. However, if you want more Halloween spaghetti ideas to take your spooky meal to the next level here are a few tips.

• Why stop with green pasta? Nowadays anyone can get their hands on a box of black noodles, and they look so spooky for Halloween dinner.

For black as night noodles, use squid ink pasta


Squid Ink Pasta


• Another variation of the spooky spaghetti recipes is to make eyeballs using small mozzarella balls and the tip of a green olive for each eye.


• Don’t like black or green pasta noodles for Halloween dinner? After cooking regular spaghetti noodles, toss them in drops of purple food coloring until you have vibrant purple pasta to serve. 


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