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Witch Makeup Ideas for Adults and Kids

Tryout a different look this Halloween with our witch makeup ideas. Witches are not only one of the most popular Halloween looks, but they have also been there from the start. According to Insider, witches dominated Halloween and people have been making their own witch and ghost costumes from the 1870’s to the 1890’s.


Adult Witch Costume Ideas

The great thing about 2019 is that witch costumes no longer have to be scary, ugly or wicked. You can be any kind of witch you like! You can be a wicked, good, magical or glamorous witch! Any of the witch makeup ideas listed below are perfect for a spooky Halloween party or event. 


#1 What Kind Of Which Are You?

As you scroll through this list of witch makeup ideas think about what kind of witch you want to be this Halloween. Do you want to be a wicked, a classic green or maybe even a white witch?


Easy witch makeup for group of four ladies


2. Glittery Cute Witch Makeup

The next cute witch makeup is a fairly simple look that’s stylish and edgy. She has created a fashionable look that you can wear out to any Halloween event. The simple green stripe and glitter really draws your eye and the lipstick is a more subtle shade compared to some of the other witch makeups here. This is one of those witch makeup ideas that anyone can do, without any special skills or tools.

She has finished off the look by drawing a spider, but you could replace it with any symbol of Halloween. For example, a jack-o-lantern or spiderweb would both look good too. This is a nice idea that’s perfect for those who want cute witch makeup that is quick and easy to apply. 


Cute Halloween Makeup two pics


Cute witch makeup closeup-2


3. Not Your Average White Witch

You don’t have to be green to be wicked. This witch makeup idea is a uniquely wicked application. She has painted her face white instead of green, applied red lipstick and lined the lips in a blood red hue. This evil witch makeup looks great! The pink eye shadow highlighting the dark smudges around each eye is a tell-tale sign of wickedness.

Don’t forget to finish your look off by drawing in fissures or cracks along the contours of your face. This is not the easiest witch makeup idea on this list, but it’s worth the extra work to get an amazingly wicked look this Halloween.


Evil Witch Makeup with blood


4. Keep It Classic

This easy witch makeup is based off of the more classic wicked witch look. She has a nice layer of green makeup and bright red lipstick. It’s a very simple witch makeup to do but it makes for a fun, bright witchy look. To make your look more wicked just darken it up around the eyes and use a less whimsical green colored makeup.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can buy low priced prosthetics and attach them with spirit gum. Check out the picture reviews on this witch nose and chin set to see how good they look when finished with a little green makeup. 


Cute Simple witch makeup green



5. Spooky Witchy Glam

Maybe you want to look spooky like a witch, but still want to look fantastic? If so, this next look is for you. She has created a stunning witch makeup that can be used for a white witch or for an evil one. The pale base, dark lips and dark eyes are glamorous enough to wear anywhere on Halloween. Technically, you are wearing a witch costume but the beauty makeup gives you the best of both worlds.


Spooky Witch Glam Makeup



What About The Kids

Here are a few witch makeup ideas for kids. Children’s makeup will usually need to be a simple look that won’t be too high maintenance to wear. Letting your child help apply the makeup can make Halloween costumes a fun activity for both of you.


6. Kids Makeup That isn’t Childish

This look is geared towards anyone who wants simple witch makeup for a child, without it looking too childish. This easy witch makeup look won’t annoy your child or cover their face in a mask of makeup.

There are 3 main features of this witch makeup idea. They are MILD darkening around the eyes, applying dark lipstick and blacking out a tooth. Lastly, you can also draw creases on the eyebrows and laugh lines and then add shadows below the cheekbones.

What really makes this design a simple witch makeup for children is that you can add and subtract from it as much as you like. It doesn’t need a lot of shadows around the eyes, so kids can usually handle getting made up. The overall look is a very mature witch, without the “sexy” that saturates adult costumes.


Simple witch makeup for child with jack-o-lantern


7. Keep It Simple

Here is another simple witch makeup for kids. This look is fairly basic and involves shading a dark circle around the eyes and then adding extra features for fun. You can paint on black lipstick, make wrinkle lines or even draw simple shapes like the bat on the girl’s cheek in the middle panel below.

• The main features of this makeup are to have fun getting ready, do some parent-child bonding and make sure your wicked witch feels great about her spooky look!

She doesn’t have to be the most glamorous witch trick-or-treating, but she will feel like the luckiest kid out there this Halloween. 


3 examples Easy Kids face makeup


8. Evil And Cute Witch Makeup

This witch makeup idea is simple to do but looks super spooky. It’s a great addition to any children’s witch costume and can even be used for adults. As you can see in the photos below, there are a few main points to hit if you want to pull off this spooky look. Draw a design around the lips, the eyes and then add a spiderweb somewhere on your child’s face. After you hit all three of these spots you can fill in optional places on the face like the nose, eyebrows and cheeks if you want to.

It’s a great look that can really make your Halloween witch a hit in 2019.


Halloween Spiderweb makeup on face


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