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Halloween Jokes


Halloween is a time for tricks and treats and haunted houses, but it’s also a time for fun. Halloween jokes and pranks are a timeless tradition. When you’re ready to take a break from all the scares check out one of our joke pages for some laughs.


100 Vampire Jokes Graphic

Over 100 Vampire Jokes

Over 100 Vampire Jokes Looking for vampire jokes you can really sink ...
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Pumpkin Jokes Laughing Patch

Over 50 Funny Pumpkin Jokes!

Over 50 Funny Pumpkin Jokes! Pumpkins should not be ignored this time ...
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Halloween Jokes For Kids Infographic

Halloween Jokes for Kids

Halloween Jokes for Kids Looking for family friendly Halloween jokes for kids? ...
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Halloween Jokes for Adults Infographics

Halloween Jokes For Adults

Halloween Jokes For Adults (Updated 09/28/2019) Kids shouldn't be the only ones ...
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Funny Halloween Jokes Infographic

Funny Halloween Jokes

Funny Halloween Jokes Get in the Halloween spirit with our spooktacular collection ...
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Skeleton Jokes Infographic

89 Skeleton Jokes for 2019!

89 Skeleton Jokes for 2019! No bones about it, this collection of ...
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Ghost Jokes Infographic

Ghost Jokes

Ghost Jokes Don't get spooked by our ghost jokes. These are Halloween jokes ...
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Halloween Pranks

Halloween Pranks Halloween is a time for both tricks and treats! Don’t ...
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We have put together some great jokes so you and your family can have a screaming good time. We have pumpkin jokes, ghost jokes, skeleton jokes, Halloween jokes for kids and more. Almost all of our jokes are family friendly. However, we also have Halloween jokes for adults only.

Pranks are a Halloween tradition that goes way back. We have put together a list of non-destructive Halloween pranks. Don’t forget to check out the Halloween pranks page to get fun ideas for this season.

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