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92 Skeleton Jokes

No bones about it, these skeleton jokes are great for Halloween. They are good Halloween jokes for both kids and adults. Keep reading and let them tickle your funny bone. 

Skeleton in car joke

Skeleton Jokes

Q: Why do skeletons love to eat at restaurants?
A: They can order spare ribs.

Q: Where did the skeleton put his money?
A: In the Crypt-o-Market.

Q: What did the angry skeleton yell at the man?
A: “I’ve got a bone to pick with you!”

Q: Why was the skeleton laughing so hard?
A: Someone tickled his funny bone.

Q: What is a skeletons favorite tree?
A: The Bone-sai Tree.

Q: Why won’t skeletons eat spicy foods?
A: They don’t have the stomach for it.

Q: What is a skeleton’s favorite singer?
A: Bone Jovi.

Q: What kind of art are Skeletons really good at?
A: They are great skullptors.

Q: Why did the skeleton visit the museum?
A: To look at all the skullptures.

Q: What do you call a skeleton’s funny bone?
A: It’s humerus.

Q: Why did the skeleton run and climb up a tree?
A: Because a dog wanted one of his bones.

Q: What name do skeletons call each other when they make mistakes?
A: Bonehead.

Q: Why did the skeleton cross the road?
A: To get to the Body Shop.

Q: What is a skeleton’s favorite song?
A: Bad to the Bone.

Q: What is a skeleton’s second favorite song?
A: Bone to be wild.

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?
A: He didn’t have the guts.

Q: What is a skeleton’s favorite drink?
A: Milk, because it’s good for the bones.

Skeleton Jokes Professor

Halloween Skeleton Jokes

Q: How did the skeleton make fun of the vampire?
A: He told the vampire “You suck.”

Q: What dishes do skeletons bring out on Halloween?
A: They use Bone China.

Q: How does Dracula lock his coffin?
A: He uses a skeleton key.

Q: What did the skeleton say to the lying ghost?
A: I can see right through you.

Q: How do skeletons get ready for Halloween night?
A: They bleach their bones bright white.

Q: What happened when the werewolf attacked the skeleton?
A: It ran off with the skeleton’s bones and didn’t leave him a leg to stand on.

Q: Why did the group of skeletons go to the party?
A: To pick up some bodies.

Q: Why wouldn’t the skeleton watch the new Halloween Ends movie?
A: He was too scared and didn’t have the guts.

Q: Why did the skeletons want to go to the Halloween dance?
A: To see the Boogie Man!

Q: What did the skeletons dress up as on Halloween?
A: Humans 

Q: Where do skeletons go for a fun night out?
A: Anywhere, as long as it’s a hip joint.

More Skeleton Jokes

Q: Why did the skeleton go to the school dance?
A: To find a body to dance with.

Q: How do skeletons send each other letters?
A: They use Bony Express.

Q: What do all skeletons say around meal times?
A: Bone App’etit. 

Q: What is the skeleton’s favorite toy?
A: His deady bear.

Q: Why don’t skeletons ever get upset?
A: Nothing gets under their skin.

Q: What instrument does the skeleton play in the school band?
A: The Trombone.

Headless Skeleton Funny

Q: What do you call a tiny lie told by a skeleton?
A: A little fib-ula.

Q: How do skeletons call their friends?
A: They use the telebone.

Q: Why was the skeleton lonely?
A: He had no body to love.

Q: Where did the skeleton keep his pet bird?
A: In his rib cage.

Q: Who is the best skeleton detective in the world?
A: Sherlock Bones.

Q: What happened after a pirate ship sank at sea?
A: It came back with a skeleton crew.

Q: What do you call a skeleton who won’t go to work?
A: Lazy Bones

Q: Which character do skeletons like on Star Trek?
A: Bones McCoy.

Q: What American rock band do skeletons love?
A: The Grateful Dead.

Q: What is a good Valentine’s gift for a skeleton?
A: Bone-bones in a heart shaped box.

Q: Why did the skeleton boy stay late at school?
A: He was boning up for exams.

Bone Up On These Skeleton Jokes

Q: Why did the skeleton want to quit playing football?
A: Because his heart wasn’t in it!

Q: What did the skeleton whisper to his wife?
A: I love every bone in your body!

Q: Who is the King of Rock and Roll for all skeletons?
A: Pelvis

Q: How does a skeleton relax and get clean?
A: She takes a milk bath.

Q: What’s a skeleton who uses the doorbell called?
A: A dead ringer.

Q: What store do skeletons love to snack at when they visit the mall?
A: Cinnabone.

Q: How does a skeleton pay for stuff?
A: With crypt-o-currency.

Q: Why do skeletons hate winter?
A: The cold goes right through them.

Q: What did the 100 year old skeleton frequently complain about?
A: Achy bones. 

Q: What did the one thousand year old skeleton complain about?
A: Anything he wanted, he’s a thousand years old. King of the Skeletons!

Q: Why was the student skeleton doing extra credit work after class?
A: He wanted the Bone-us points.

Q: What do skeletons say when they go on a journey?
A: Bone Voyage.

Q: What do you call a skeleton in the snow?
A: A numbskull.

Q: Why did the artistic skeleton love to visit the museum?
A: She enjoyed seeing all the skullptures.

Q: Why did the skeleton struggle while enrolled in medical college?
A: The other students kept trying to label his bones and use him as an anatomical model.

Q: Who won the skeleton beauty contest.
A: No body won.

Q: What has 1854 bones and is still able to catch flies?
A: A skeleton baseball team.

Q: How do you tease a foolish skeleton?
A: Call him a bonehead.

Black Skeletons Dancing

Funny Skeleton Jokes

Q: What did the golden retriever say to the skeleton?
A: Throw a dog a bone!

Q: What room in the house do skeletons avoid?
A: The living room.

Q: Why did the student skeleton go to the library?
A: He was boning up on Shakespeare’s Macbeth for a test.

Q: What did the skeleton shout at the vampire bat?
A: You Suck!

Q: What do you call the skeleton of a French emperor that stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall?
A: Napoleon Boneparts.

Q: What’s a name for skeletons living on an island?
A: Thoracic Park

Q: Why are skeletons bad miners?
A: Because they stop digging at six feet under.

Q: Where do teenage skeletons go for class?
A: High Skull.

Q: Do you know why skeletons have short memories?
A: It’s a no brainer.

Q: How come groups of skeletons don’t get any work done?
A: They are a skeleton crew.

Q: What do you get when you pat a skeleton on the back?
A: A spinal tap.

Q: Why didn’t they let the skeleton play hymns in church?
A: She didn’t have any organs.

Q: How much does the average skeleton weigh?
A: One skele-ton.

Is That A Skeleton In Your Closet?

Q: Why couldn’t the skeleton get out of bed?
A: She was bone tired!

Q: Why couldn’t the skeleton get through airport security?
A: He was armed with shoulder blades!

Q: How come skeletons can predict rain?
A: They can feel it in their bones.

Q: Why did the skeleton laugh at the ghost joke?
A: He thought it was humerus.

Q: Why did the skeleton want to go out to the night club?
A: He heard it was a hip joint.

Q: What is a skeletons favorite fruit?
A: Spineapple.

Q: What did the skeleton bring to the pot luck?
A: Spare ribs.

Q: What’s the name of the famous American rapper skeleton with the initials MGS.
A: Machine Gun Skelly

Q: What’s a skeletons favorite ranged weapon?
A: A bone and marrow.

Q: Where’s the coolest part of a skeleton?
A: It’s hip.

Q: How do you know if a skeleton is sick?
A: He will be laying in a coffin.

Q: Why wasn’t the criminal skeleton afraid of the police?
A: He knew they couldn’t pin anything on him.

Q: What do you call a skeleton found in the closet?
A: Last year’s Hide-and-Seek Champion.

Q: What happened to the skeleton who stood too close to the fire?
A: He became bone dry.

Q: Why did the skeleton invite friends out to a movie?
A: Because he was feeling bonely.

Q: What do you do when your home is surrounded by skeletons?
A: You hope it’s Halloween!

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