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32 Halloween Riddles

Ready for some mind-bending Halloween riddles? We’ve put together an immense collection of Halloween themed topics, spooky riddles and answers for your entertainment. Read these creepy stories and brain teasers and see if you have the ingenuity to deduce the solutions. Check out our other page with scary riddles if you want more creepy questions to get you in the Halloween spirit.


Warm Up Halloween Riddles

These are short and simple Halloween riddles to get you warmed up and in the right mindset for riddling. If you prefer a short and sweet Halloween quip, check out our many Halloween joke pages.


  1. You’re in a room and there’s a ghost in the room, but you are the only one in the room. How is this possible?
  2. When does Halloween come after Christmas?
  3. What 2 letters can you use to spell candy?
  4. What candies do zombies hate?
  5. Samhain’s father has three sons: Snap, Crackle and ___________.


Warm Up Riddle Answers


  1. Answer: You are a Ghost.
  2. Answer: In the Dictionary
  3. Answer: C and Y (CandY) or M&M
  4. Answer: Lifesavers
  5. Answer: Samhain



“I can be cracked, I can be made
I can be told, I can be played.”
What am I?


Over 50 Dracula Jokes Graphic


Answer: A Joke. Check out our Vampire joke page here!



What Am I Halloween Riddles

This classic style of riddle describes an object, person or place and then asks you the question “what am I?” It sounds straight forward but these Halloween riddles will get tricky and may use wordplay to throw you off.  


  1. With pointed fangs I sit and wait 
    With piercing force I dole out fate 
    Over bloodless victims I proclaim my might 
    I can eternally join with a single bite.
    What am I?
  2. My life can be measured in moments or hours.
    Proudly I serve while being devoured.
    Thin I am quick, fat I am slow.
    Fire is my friend, wind is my foe.
    What am I?
  3. You may see this hairy creature by the light of the moon.
    You can start running but it will likely catch you soon.
    You can hope for escape with the rising sun.
    But you have a better chance with silver bullets and a gun.
    What am I?
  4. Who makes it, has no need of it.
    Who buys it won’t use it.
    Who uses it, won’t care.
    What am I?
  5. I have a name but it isn’t mine
    You don’t think about me while in your prime
    People cry when I’m in their sight
    Other lie with me all day and night.
    What am I?


What Am I Riddle Answers


  1. Answer: Dracula or A Stapler!
  2. Answer: A candle
  3. Answer:  A werewolf
  4. Answer: A coffin
  5. Answer: A tombstone


These Halloween riddles are pretty scary, but not half as scary as our Evil Clown List!



Hard Halloween Riddles


Police can’t find a body, but they believe a widow was killed on the floor of her garage on Halloween. Police see what looks like a bullet hole in the garage floor.

They don’t know it yet, but her husband’s dead body is in the wall of the garage. Why do police think this was racially motivated?


Police Crime Scene Halloween Riddle


Answer: Police were called to the scene because a neighbor heard gunshots. When they arrived, a woman stated that she killed a poisonous spider in the garage using her gun.

The spider’s body was obliterated by the bullet. She told police she had to kill it because it was a Black Widow spider. This is why it’s racially motivated.



Buried Memories

On Halloween day, I was watching the news and saw the house I used to live in as a child on the screen. It was a breaking news story. They reported the body of a girl was found buried in the back yard. I was shocked!

I grabbed my phone and called my dad immediately to tell him about it.

“Dad, have you seen the news?” I asked.
“No,” he replied. “Why?”
“You’ll never guess what happened,” I gushed breathlessly. “Remember our old house where I grew up? Well, it’s on the news. They found a dead body buried in the backyard. The police are questioning the homeowners now.”

“What?” he replied. “Are you serious? Wow, that’s scary!”
“Yeah, it’s scary,” I said. “What if the body was there back when we were living in the house. We could have been walking back and forth in the garden, all the time not knowing there was a corpse beneath our feet. It freaks me out just to think about it.”

“Me too,” he said. “There was never anything suspicious while we were living there, but it’s a scary thought. Of course, I feel bad for the parents.”
“Yeah, me too. They must have been devastated.”
“I wonder who buried her there?” he said. “It’s sad all around. I’m not going to mention it to your mother. She gets upset so easily.”

“Good idea.” I said. “Well the police are investigating it now, they’ll probably get to the bottom of it.”
“I hope so,” said my dad.

Who is the killer?


Skeleton in Dirt buried body Halloween riddle


Answer: The father killed and buried the child while he was living there. He said I wonder who buried her there, but nobody told him the corpse was a girl.



Riddles With A Twist

Here are a few Halloween riddles that will make you think.  The answers are written below so you can take extra time to really think about what the answer might be. Riddles are puzzles to be solved often using double meanings and the rest of the riddles listed will need extra thought.


  1. A cloaked man went out to get his nightly drink but died soon after because his watch stopped. What happened?
  2. Vlad and Bram are found dead on the floor in the living room. Their dead bodies are surrounded by pieces of glass and some water on the floor. The house is in a remote location, away from everything except for a nearby railroad track. What caused the death of Vlad and Bram?
  3. It’s October 31, 2005. A man is driving with his son to their favorite Halloween parade. They get into a car accident and both father and son were in critical condition. Two ambulances from two different hospitals arrive and rush them for treatment. The man is taken to one hospital and his son is taken to a different one that specializes in pediatric emergencies. The surgeon walks into the operating room, looks at the little boy, and says, “I can’t operate on this boy. He is my son!” How is this possible?
  4. On Halloween in 1984 my friends and I were playing Quija board and we had a terrible accident that blinded me. After being discharged from the hospital, the doctor gave me two glass eyes. To this day I can still see. How is it possible?
  5. You are trapped in a haunted house with two of your best friends for the night. A sudden snow storm overtook the creepy home. All the doors and windows have become barricaded with piles of snow. You and your friends need to find a way to keep warm or you will all die. After searching the entire haunted home you guys found three stoves! A coal stove, a wood stove and a gas stove, but you’ve only found one match. Which one should you light first to survive the night?


Twisty Riddles Answers

  1. Answer: It was Count Dracula and his watch said it was 3 a.m. but it was actually 3 p.m. in the afternoon. The vampire thinks the darkness is night, goes out for a drink and gets caught in sunlight a few minutes later… which kills him.
  2. Answer: Vlad and Bram are fish. The nearby trains caused enough vibrations to eventually knock the fish tank off the shelf. It broke so Bram and Vlad did not survive.   
  3. Answer: The surgeon is the boy’s mom. 
  4. Answer: I was only blinded in one eye but the doctor gave me a spare glass eye since I was young and would likely lose or break one of them.
  5. Answer: Light the match first.


Scary Halloween Riddles

Don’t read these terrifying tales alone at night. These scary riddles are a bit longer and a bit creepier than most. Only the bravest souls should continue on and solve these scary Halloween riddles, or bring a friend.


On a dark stormy Halloween night four kids were bored because of a blackout, so they decided to go checkout the neighborhood haunted house.

Mike, Tom, Vanessa and Sue enter the haunted house, but only one will leave alive!

The kids go inside, take stairs to the second floor, find a hidden door, walk up a secret staircase and eventually end up in a narrow hallway. As they walk through a spooky hallway, a trapdoor opens up in the floor beneath them.

They all fall 25 feet down a laundry chute landing on a mattress in a dank concrete cellar.

There are four open doors and no other ways to escape. The kids see a different fate waiting through each doorway. There is a bottomless pit, a pool filled with acid, a bottle marked with a skull and crossbones and an electric chair.

Written on the wall in blood are the words “One will survive. Choose! The Exit Will Appear.” Mike goes to the door with the bottomless pit , Tom goes towards the pool of acid, Vanessa grabs the poison and Sue sits in the electric chair. Who will survive?


Choose Halloween Riddles in blood


Answer: Sue because there’s no electricity during a blackout.


Family Is Forever

My older brother went completely crazy a few years ago on Halloween night. He was dressed as Vanilla Ice when he stabbed and killed my sister. Then he attacked both my parents.

The police were able to subdue my brother before he killed them too. Ever since the incident he’s been in a mental hospital and we never visit him or talk about what happened.

This morning, we got a letter from him in the mail, it was postmarked yesterday. I opened it and inside there was a strange note:

“Tonight you all are in my sights.
I know only darkness, never light.
Will you care if I break?
Escape I can’t from past mistakes.

See this sadness, overwhelming at times.
You have every right to not forgive my crimes.
Soon I hope to cross your minds”

The note was gibberish, obviously my brother was still a total lunatic. I couldn’t make sense of it, so I went to the kitchen and gave it to my mom.

She read through it and her face went pale, the note slipped from her fingers. She ran towards the front door, stopped halfway there and started screaming. What happened?


Woman Screaming Girl in Background


Answer: The first word of each sentence spells out “Tonight I will escape. See you Soon.” The mom ran to lock the front door, but the brother was already inside.




I woke up to banging and clattering this morning. My wife was downstairs making breakfast, but she doesn’t usually make so much noise.

I went down to the kitchen and said “Good morning.”
She was cutting something up in the sink, had her back to me and she completely ignored me. 

That’s when I remembered what happened last night. My wife caught me cheating on her and we had a violent argument. Today she must be giving me the silent treatment. How long can that last?

I sat at the table and asked when breakfast would be ready, but she continued to ignore me. I looked at the clock. It was almost time to go to work anyway. I went upstairs and hurriedly changed into my suit. When I came back down, my wife was out digging in the garden.

The trash was full so I grabbed the plastic bag in the kitchen. It was unusually heavy. She had even double-bagged it with black garbage bags.

I dragged it out to the end of the driveway and left it on curb.
It was so heavy, I wondered what was in there. My curiosity got the better of me. I finally untied the knot and took a look inside. What was inside?


Halloween riddles man woman Argument


Answer: Body parts. The wife killed him, he is a ghost so she can’t hear him. She was cutting up his body in the kitchen and she put pieces of him in the bags while he was upstairs. Part of his body is being buried in the garden and parts of him are getting thrown out in the trash.


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Keepin’ It Spooky Riddles


Let’s finish off our Halloween riddles with a less scary batch. The Keeping’ It Spooky Riddles are Halloween symbols or other things associated with the holiday season.


  1. I protect, I stand tall
    my purpose is to strike fear in all.
    What am I?
  2. Sometimes in the dark when it’s late at night.
    I like to float around and give everyone a fright.
    I’m a shadow of the living, a specter of the dead.
    People often fear me when they are lying in their bed.
    I float, I wail, I go through walls, I like to use your sheets.
    I’m also transparent you see.
    What am I?
  3. I don’t have lungs, but I need air.
    The more I eat, the more I grow.
    I dance, I live, I drink, I die.
    I’m always hungry, ready to eat.
    I rarely thirst, I can barely drink.
    Shoot me, stab me I don’t mind.
    Suffocate me or drown me and I will be gone.
  4. In this place people lie and people cry.
    Here the people all ask why.
    In this place the people sleep and the people weep,
    people’s solitude they keep.
    What is this place?
  5. Ancient knowledge few can know,
    in the night is where I roam.
    Vermin I grab in my holy flight.
    No one can hide from my sight.
  6. Darkness, dust, cobwebs and creaking floors.
    Secrets, spirits, strange noises and occasional slamming doors.
    What am I?
  7. I am different sizes, shapes and colors.
    Many can see my veins.
    I don’t go inside.
    The trees are where I reside.
    If I fall to the ground, I will surely die.
    What am I?
  8. There is a man who goes out drinking every night. He stays out until early morning hours but no matter how much he drinks, he never gets hungover. His favorite drink is well-known, rarely consumed, and often served warm directly from the source. The man can’t live without drinking and he’s a sucker for a free drink, so he has never considered quitting. What does he drink?


Keepin’ Spooky Answers

  1. Answer: A Scarecrow
  2. Answer: A ghost
  3. Answer: Fire
  4. Answer: Graveyard or Cemetery
  5. Answer: The Owl
  6. Answer: A haunted house
  7. Answer: A leaf
  8. Answer: Blood, he is a vampire.


Bonus Halloween Riddles

These three scary riddles are famous horror movie villains. See if you can figure out which movie killers these riddles are about.


  1. From the lake I was born
    In the forest I dwell
    If I catch you camping
    I’ll send you to Hell. Who am I?
  2. You solved the box, I came
    I’m here to show you such pain
    You can beg, cry and plead
    I’m only interested in your suffering.
    Who am I?
  3. Some call me the Boogeyman, I’m Shaped to destroy
    Masked I seek my sister, killing girls and boys
    Anyone who gets in my way, is in danger from my knife
    They can lock me up, over and over I’ll come back her entire life
    Stab me, burn me,  shoot me, pure evil never goes away.
    Who am I?


Movie Villain Riddles


  1. Answer: Jason Voorhees
  2. Answer: Pinhead
  3. Answer: Michael Myers


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